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Aerial Photorgaphy Service Now Available

July 3rd, 2013

I am now offering Aerial Photography services for the northern Virginia and parts of Maryland. These services include Construction Site Progression, real estate photos both private and commercial, and just about anything that requires photographs from the air. Check out some recent photos in the Gallery for Aerial Photography.

Please use the contact tab at the top of the screen to inquire.

Results of the 2013 FotoDC Cherry Blossom Photo Contest

April 27th, 2013

I am thrilled to report that my entry entitled, "Cherry Blossoms At Night" in the 2013 FotoDC Cherry Blossom Photo Contest was one of twelve selected for Honorable Mention and will receive online and exhibition exposure in the coming year. For those who are interested in viewing photos from the 2013 winners and a selection of favorites, an exhibition will be shown at Boston University Center for Digital Imaging Arts opening on May 23rd.

My goal this year was to capture an atypical shot of the cherry blossoms, something out of the ordinary. Originally, I thought that I would attempt to capture them with some sunset backlighting, however I was not able to get down to the Tidal Basin in time due to the immense amount of traffic and lack of available parking. I did however manage to capture the cherry blossoms at night, which also produced some not so ordinary shots to ultimately achieve my goal. I have assembled a new Gallery entitled, "Washington DC Cherry Blossoms" to display the photos taken this year at and around the Tidal Basin.

Abandoned Opportunities

March 5th, 2013

Driving home from work today I decided to go an alternate route, the back road route if you will, to drive thru the very tiny and old town of Arcola, VA. I had seen an old abandon barn off the main road through town some months ago and thought I'd pay it a visit once more to determine whether or not it w was photo-worthy. To my surprise there was a woman already there with camera in hand who had the same idea I did. She mentioned that the barn was probably going to be demolished soon to make way for new homes and that she wanted to get it on camera before it was gone forever. Sure enough, there was construction equipment parked adjacent to it and new homes under construction just a stones throw away. I'm glad I took the detour today as I was able to capture some fairly nice shots and let my 3 yr old daughter go on a mini exploration too. It's kind of sad that the old barn will probably be gone soon, but at least I can help extend and perpetuate it's life through my photographs and perhaps even in some memories for my daughter.

If you see an old barn or an old abandoned house or building that you might want to photograph don't wait and chance abandoning what could be your last chance to get it or experience it!

Cherry Blossom Season Is Upon Us

March 3rd, 2013

I am excited that cherry blossom season (A.K.A Spring, lol) is upon us. I will be making a few trips to D.C. to capture the beauty of the cherry blossoms in the morning, day, and evening light. Tune in later this month and early next month for newly posted pictures. If anyone knows of an event in northern VA, or has ideas for locations that may be worth capturing images of, please let me know. Thanks!